Did you know Trespa is weather insensitive

Posted: 30 November 2021

The composition of Trespa® makes it insensitive to temperature fluctuations, UV and moisture. This makes it perfect for table tops in project environments. 

When choosing a table, people often go for the known materials such as powdercoated aluminium, teak, ceramics. But why not consider Trespa® ?

Trespa® Meteon is the brandname for a High Pressure Laminate plate (HPL) that is especially designed for outdoor applications.

how is it made?

It’s a compact plate that is made out of wood fibers or paper, combined with a binding material based on phenol resin. A Trespa® plate is made under high pressure and high temperature, pressing impregrated paper and resin together.

why choose Trespa®?

The surface of a Trespa® plate has a dense molecular top player and therefore it is almost weather insensitive (temperature, UV and moisture). Occasional contamination such as for example graffiti can easily be removed. These advantages make it the perfect choice for a table top.

  • compact material = sturdy, shockproof
  • almost insensitive for temperature and moisture
  • high UV resistance
  • easy maintenance
  • exceptional dimensional stability and a good strength-weight balance

Diphano uses Trespa®

The following Diphano collections offer Trespa as table top:

Alexa bistro tables
Easy Fit side tables

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