Easy Fit poufs

Posted: 3 March 2021

Easy Fit poufs: 4 sizes in 4 colors

“Accessories pull the look together and make it unique” – Yves Saint Laurent

And that is exactly what Easy Fit poufs do. They partner up with all Diphano lounge sets and come in the same waterproof fabric. The fabric cover is removable for easy maintenance. The filling is firm which results in optimal seating comfort.

4 different shapes

The rectangular shaped pouf comes in 102 x 68 cm. It’s often used as a seating pouf or as a coffee table.
The square poof, 65x65 cm is often combined with the rectangular pouf to create a playfull effect.
The round pouf comes in 2 sizes:  70xR, 39 high and 50xR, 50 high.

4 colors

All poufs are available in 4 colors: Savanne, Clay, Seagull and Denim.
The different shapes add a playful note to each Diphano setting, matching them with a lounge set or combining different poufs to create a cozy corner on your terrace.  

Easy maintenance

The fabric of all Diphano poufs is waterproof. The covers are easily removable with a nicely integrated zipper on the bottom of each item. An optional custom made cover protects your pouf during winter, so you can leave them outside. Read more on our Easy Protective Covers

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