Why choose ceramics for outdoor use?

Ceramics is perfect as a table top material. It has a natural sturdy yet refined look and has all the necessary characteristics to stand the test of time.

how it’s made

Diphano ceramic table tops are composed of sand, clay and natural stone components, heated at 1200° C and cooled down and glued together with a resin of polyurethane and fibre glass.


This results in the following characteristics:

  • hygienic surface
  • colourproof
  • resistance to fire and high temperatures
  • impermeability
  • resistance to bending, scratching
  • resistance to wear and tear
  • resistance to chemical products
  • environment friendly


Diphano ceramics are easy to clean with water, or with the Diphano Ceramic cleaner and polisher.

Diphano ceramics

This makes ceramics a perfect partner for both residential as well as demanding hospitality projects. 
We offer ceramic in 2 thicknesses, depending on the collection: 6mm and 11mm. 

Diphano offers ceramic table tops in the following collections:

table tops

coffee table tops
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